Alberta town ends up with pink water

Really pink.

Well, that’s what happens when you elect a socialist government in a historically conservative province; why, nature itself rebels! 😉

Edmonton family launches 4-month canoe journey to Montreal

Odd, but awesome! 🙂

Moving to another city is always an ordeal. However, one Edmonton family has decided to turn it into an adventure, setting off with their young son to make the trek to their new home in Montreal by canoe.


The family will follow the North Saskatchewan until it turns into the Saskatchewan River. From there, they’ll portage until connecting with the Assiniboine, which will take them to the Winnipeg River — the longest portage will have them carrying their canoe over 20 kilometres of land and will likely take multiple trips.


Paddling upstream, […] they will reach the Great Lakes and, aside from a short drive for safety reasons, follow them to the Ottawa River and their final destination.