Smoked whales’ balls and beer, together again!

Wait; what?

Brewery Steðji will introduce a Thorri beer, Hvalur 2, later this month following the success of Hvalur Thorri which the company brewed and introduced last year. A lot of preparation went into Hvalur 2, according to the owner of the brewery.

“We want to create a true Thorri atmosphere and therefore we decided to put smoked testicles from fin whales into the beer for flavoring” says Dagbjartur Arilíusson, one of the owners of brewery in Borgarfjörður.

“The testicles are cured according to an old, Icelandic tradition, lightly salted and then smoked. We put a lot of effort into this and it’s a long process,” Dagbjartur says, adding that each brew had contained one testicle.

Beer and ice cream, together again!

Wait; what?

Beer ice cream. Yes, you read that correctly. Artisanal Canberra ice-cream maestros Frugii were serving a range of beery ice creams, including lager sorbetto and Bridge Road Chestnut Pilsner gelato. I chose the one made with 2 Brothers Voodoo Baltic Porter, and my goodness but it was a revelation. The richness and chocolaty tones of the porter translated so perfectly into the ice cream medium. There was a little fillip of hoppy sourness that peeked through and even a suggestion of carbonation, although that may have been my mind at work. It isn’t often that I’m truly thrilled and surprised at a food product anymore, but this won me over from the first taste. Well done Frugii.