Send condoms to space to teach alien invaders safe sex with hot earthlings, Swedish group urges NASA


The Swedes are asking NASA to send condoms into space because they feel the aliens might find them “handy” if they ever decide to come to Earth and have sex with “some hot earthlings”.


Of course one flaw in the plan seems to be that condoms are already on Earth, so should the horny aliens ever make their way here, we’ve already got them covered … so to speak.


‘Frenzied’ dinosaur mating ritual may have left marks in rock


Scientists say they’ve discovered evidence of a frenzied mating ritual by dinosaurs: long grooves in the ground etched by the pawing of clawed feet.

Such behaviour is seen nowadays in some birds, and the discovery suggests that two-legged, meat-eating dinosaurs called theropods did it about 100 million years ago, the researchers said.

Martin Lockley of the University of Colorado Denver said the dinosaurs, probably males, apparently gathered in groups and “went crazy scraping” with their clawed, three-toed feet to attract mates.

Spider has sex, then chews off own genitals

Must be that good! 😉

Species: Herennia multipuncta (South-East Asian coin spider)
Habitat: Tree trunks and walls across tropical South-East Asia

Sex for the male coin spider resembles war more than love.

First it must mate successfully with a female four times its size that would prefer to eat it than have its babies. Then, the male must do everything possible to keep eager rivals away from the impregnated female. In the macabre world of spider sex, this means self-emasculation.

That’s right: coin spiders voluntarily bite off their own genitals. This habit, practised by around 30 spider species, is not the most obvious way to improve sexual performance. But according to Matjaž Kuntner from the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, eunuchs have an advantage over their intact neighbours.

For one thing, coin spiders only produce enough sperm for a single sexual adventure in their lifetime. So getting rid of the extra baggage – the two sperm-transferring organs known as palps, which can make up around a tenth of their bodyweight – after one use makes them leaner, meaner and better suited to holding off the advances of competing males.

Keeping other males away after mating with a female is particularly important for spiders as several males can fertilise the same batch of eggs. Only by sticking like glue to its mate can a male guarantee that the next generation will carry its genes.

Ireland’s heroine who had sex in her baby’s tomb


Maud Gonne played a public role in the struggle for Irish independence, but her life also included private tragedy. Her grief over a child who died at the age of two inspired an unpublished poem by W B Yeats – and she was so desperate to reincarnate the boy that she had sex in his tomb.

Sibling of Daedalus would have had fun with this.

Come back, Sibby!