Police help lost little piggy get all the way home

Naturally… 😉

A lost pot-bellied pig is home safe and sound thanks to some helpful neighbours and two police officers.

The officers say they were called to a residential neighbourhood in Burlington, Ont., on Thursday morning by a man who came across a pig wandering in the street.

They say the man kept an eye on the pig as it moved to a yard, where it ate some shrubbery and nosed around the dirt. When officers arrived, neighbours who recognized the pig told them it belonged to a woman living in a nearby home.

One of the officers, Const. Renee Harnack, says she got a strap that’s meant for restraining suspects from her car, fashioned it into a leash and put it on the pig.

Putting the ‘colon’ back in ‘colonialism’…

Man charged in Brockville, Ontario after fight over whether Earth is flat or round


Police and firefighters were called in after a heated discussion over the shape of the Earth reached fiery levels in eastern Ontario.

Police in Brockville say they were called to St. Lawrence Park on Monday after an intense argument between family members.

They say a woman who insisted the Earth was flat was locking horns with her boyfriend’s father, who argued it is round.

Investigators say the 56-year-old man grew so enraged that he started throwing things into their camp fire, including a propane cylinder.

Firefighters were called to put out the flames.

Police say the man took off and will face a mischief charge.

They say “neither party would change their views.”

What a shame.

Day 320 of 365 – Nuclear Bomb Shelter “Ark Two”

365 Things To Do In Orangeville, ON

Wow, how’s that for a title!  I think I might have everyone’s attention just by using those simple but heart wrenching words.  Back in the 80’s I know my parents where very aware about what was going on with the US and Russia and so was Bruce Beach of Horning Mills.

For some people these words just got you to click on the link, now that your here your might as well keep reading.

7 years ago I moved to Dufferin county and ever since I’ve heard talk about a crazy old man named “Bruce Beach” who has built one of the largest non government owned underground fallout shelters/ survival ark in the world out of 42 school buses buried in concrete.  It’s likely to be there for a very long time.

Bruce built it as a shelter in the event of a nuclear attack back in…

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