Pizza, in a box made of pizza itself

Because ‘Merica! 🙂

(Except for that little white plastic thingy, so 98% pizza or so. 😉 )

McDonald’s Is Still Serving Pizza — at Two Locations

In Pomeroy, Ohio, and Spencer, West Virginia.

An enterprising Canadian journalist/apparent McDonald’s fan has done the exhaustive research to discover that pizza is still on the menu at select McDonald’s locations — exactly two locations in the U.S., to be exact. reports McDonald’s franchise owner Greg Mills is serving McPizzas, a menu item launched in the late ’80s and abandoned by the late ’90s. The oft-eulogized menu item can be found at Mills’ McDonald’s stores in Pomeroy, Ohio, and Spencer, West Virginia (the former still serves it in both “family size” and personal-pan-pizza sizes). According to an employee contacted by, the West Virginia location had sold a whopping 13 pizzas the previous day, though she notes that “there are days when everyone wants pizza.”

Russian pizza chain claims to deliver by drone

Awesome! Nothing better than remote-control-helicopter-delivered cabbage and borscht pizza! 😉

A Russian pizza chain claims it successfully delivered a pizza by drone over the weekend.

Dodo Pizza’s owners say that unlike previous drone delivery claims, their attempt wasn’t a publicity stunt.

They say they intend to use drones to deliver pizzas to open-air areas including parks.

Not good enough! I demand indoor drone delivery!

If they don’t want to go the way of the dodo. 🙂

India: Police investigate pizza deliveries by drone



Police in the Indian city of Mumbai are reportedly looking into why a restaurant started using a drone to deliver pizzas without letting them know.

Francesco’s Pizzeria says it successfully used a remote-controlled four-rotored drone to send an order to a skyscraper about 1.5km (1 mile) away, the Economic Times reports. In a city that’s famous for its snarling traffic jams, the restaurant says drone deliveries could be a green solution that saves on time too. A video the pizzeria put together seems to show footage from one of the test flights.

But the city police now say they’re checking whether the restaurant asked permission from the civil aviation authorities. “As per norms, permission must be taken for flying any such object,” an air traffic control official says. A local police chief told the told the PTI news agency: “We are very sensitive towards anything that flies in the sky with the help of remote control.”