Chinese swaying glass suspension bridge, perhaps the scariest bridge in the world



Chinese engineers have now come up with a glass suspension bridge that sits 180 metres above the ground in Pingjiang county, in the province of Hunan, southern China.

The structure stretches 300 metres between two rocky peaks


it actually moves when the wind blows.

‘I was fine at first but by the time I was a third of the way across I was just weak at the knees,’ said Yun Ku, 23, who crossed the glass skywalk.

She added: ‘I had to go back when it started to move and needed a lot of coaxing from my boyfriend. I thought I was going just melt on the spot. My legs wouldn’t work.’

If anyone gets paralysed by fear then specially trained staff go along to encourage them to finish the journey.

Perhaps the staff offer some helpful encouragement, like ‘Move, comrade, or else you’ll end up in a prison camp!’ ;)

Marijuana scratch-and-sniff cards given out by Northern Ireland police to help folks rat out grow-ops

LOL! :)

Northern Ireland police are distributing marijuana-smelling scratch-and-sniff cards to help people recognize the smell of weed being grown illegally.

When scratched, the cards produce the scent of cannabis in its “growing state,” says the Guardian newspaper, which adds the odour is different from the smell of marijuana smoke.

The cards’ cannabis odour is caused by a chemical, not the plant itself.

In case you get tired of souvenir or beer brand drink coasters, there are now drink coasters that look like potato chips, and come in a can



It’s the coaster of Wavy Chips, and you’ll find a stack of coasters instead of potato chips inside this little canister. Go get your Pringles elsewhere because this can holds nothing but coasters. The quirky packaging lets you leave it right on the table, so it’s within reach anytime anyone needs one.

A can of four wavy chips coasters is priced at $12.99.

Because nothing looks more classy than to have a can of what looks like Pringles hanging around your living room…

Or to have what look like Pringles lying around on tables…